Funline Animation

Funline Animation was established in 1996 as a joint endeavor of Helena and Krzysztof Giersz.    Funline specializes in traditional 2-D animation (all mediums), 3-D animation, Web Development and Character Design.   Recently the studio has taken its first foray into the world of Motion Capture.  Funline Animation currently has studios in both New Jersey and  Poland.

A small independent studio, Funline's future quickly changed with one phone call from Nickelodeon after which co-founders Krzysztof and Helena Giersz began designing the Nickelodeon smash hit, "Dora The Explorer" and creating the original pilot for the show in their Poland studio.  "Dora The Explorer" quickly became all consuming as Krzysztof and Helena continued to help oversee the storybook research and production and while developing  and creating "Dora"'s on-line games and interactive games for the show in their New York City studio.   

Currently, Funline Animation continues  to design characters for Nick Jr.'s "Dora the Explorer" and "Go Diego Go", while also developing a documentary on independent animators  and various children's series. 
Clients: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., PBS, Disney, Scholastic, Noggin and Pfizer.

Helena Giersz - Founder/Designer/Animator

Helena Giersz started making films for children at the age of 16. Trained in Poland in many animation techniques, she came to the US in 1990 and began working for various New York City independent animators, as well as, established animation studios including Curious Pictures and The Ink Tank. In 1996, Helena started collaborating with Krzysztof Giersz, the man who would eventually become her husband and whom she considers the "most talented person in animation". In 1998 she and Krzysztof were commissioned by Nickelodeon to design the series "Dora the Explorer" and they continue to design characters for "Dora" 10 years later."As an animator and director, I believe that if one really pays careful attention to the artistic sensibilities of children, you will find that their assessment will always be honest and from the heart."

Krzysztof Giersz - Founder/Animation Director

Krzysztof Giersz was born into animation.   As the oldest son of the world renowned animator, Witold Giersz, Krzysztof began working at his father's studio in Warsaw Poland, Miniature Film Studio, at the age of 12.  After coming to the US, he, with his wife Helena, began working on the development of "Dora the Explorer" in 1998 and they continue to design all new characters for the series.  Animation is a family business for Krzysztof.   Both his father and his brother continue to animate in Poland and his oldest son will be graduating from Pratt this spring and will be beginning an art career of his own.   In addition to animation, Krzysztof Giersz is an expert in Military History.

Dave Courter - Technical Director/Editor/Head of Technology

Dave Courter has been in the animation business for 15 years and has worked for many New York City animation studios in many capacities from ink and paint, to 3-D modeling to editorial.  Before re-joining the team at Funline Animation in 2009, Dave worked as an editor at Curious Pictures for the Cartoon Network series, "Sheep In The Big City" and "Kids Next Door" and "Team Umizoomi" for Nickelodeon.  Dave began his career as a film editor, but loves technology.   "I don't have to worry about pulling the emulsion of the film off when I change an edit now."

Kris Greengrove - Producer

Animation Producer, Kris Greengrove, is a graduate of Barnard College with an Economics degree.  She never had a chance to wear those business suits however; not much call for them in the twenty years she has been producing commercials, music videos, broadcast graphics, and television programming at a variety of NYC animation studios.  Before joining Funline Animation to help out with development projects , Kris produced a Parent's Choice Award winning Christmas special for NBC and the Emmy nominated series for Playhouse Disney, "Little Einsteins".   Her two favorite quotes about animation are, “Animation is a pain in the butt.” and “Animation is magic”.

Marcin Palka - Web Administrator/IT Specialist

Marcin Palka has been with Funline Animation since 2005 and is responsible for keeping the studio running.   He is also enrolled fulltime at NJIT and will graduate in 2013 with a BS in Electronic And Computer Engineering Technology.