Funline Animation was started by Helena Giersz in 1997 at the corner of Bleecker and Broadway in New York City. First clients were: Nickelodeon, Disney, Scholastic A&E and others.

In 1999, based on one of my Nick ID, I was asked to design a new show for Nick Jr. at that time called “Nina’s Pop-up Puzzle”,
a show that later became known worldwide as “Dora the Explorer”.

PARAMOUNT+ expands kids and family programming with new slate of films and series from NICKELODEON STUDIOS

New Series Include “Dora The Explorer” as well as the First Live-Action
“Dora The Explorer” Series Geared Towards Older Kids.
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In production: ”Home?”

created by: Helena Giersz


“Home?” is a film about a woman living in New York City who goes back to her homeland and takes another look at her past. Upon meeting her old friend at her Grandmother’s funeral, she realizes he is not the same person she once knew and loved. He forgets their history together as if he never even met her to begin with.
     This story is based off of real life experiences of the screenwriter. It was inspired by the realization that fond memories kept alive in scrapbooks are left in the past, and yet we hold onto these memories like a luggage that follows us no matter where we go. “Home?” is about how our history shapes us and our future, and learning to let go and move on.